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Navigating Fan Loyalty in Sports

Get your copy of our latest Whitepaper covering the past, present and future of sports fan engagement strategies

Navigating the Digital Playfield: Understanding Engagement and Consumer Expectations

This whitepaper explores the past, present and future of fan loyalty in sports. Enter your details below and access the free report to learn more.


We explore

  • The evolving landscape of sports consumption
  • The rise of multi-platform usage
  • How to use tech to personalise fan engagement activities
  • Strategic recommendations for future success


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Where does fan engagement go from here?

The digital playing field – like you’ve never seen it before using real survey data from 1,000 British football fans as well as insights from club leaders and industry experts. 

In this Whitepaper, we examine modern consumer expectations over fan engagement in sports and explore what club leaders can do in response. We track the fragmenting arena of sports media consumption, from early radio broadcasts, past TV and towards the multi-channel landscape of tomorrow.

We reveal what club leaders can learn from leading US sports organisations as well as more local examples – including what they get right and wrong – and strategic recommendations for the future. 

Launched in late 2023, this report gives football club leaders time to modernise their fan engagement strategies ahead of upcoming international tournaments. Discover a forward-thinking vision for the future of sports fan loyalty; powered by tech-enabled merchandise and cutting-edge personalisation.